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All active duty members and a limited number of TRICARE Prime dependents and retirees are eligible for routine eye exams. The health of the eyes will be examined and an eyeglass prescription will be given to patients if necessary. Active duty and retirees are eligible to order glasses through the optometry clinic. Beneficiaries with urgent eye problems such as injuries, infection, and sudden vision loss should contact the appointment desk for a same day appointment. Current contact lens wearers will receive an updated contact lens prescription, provided they wear their lenses and bring the previous prescription information to the appointment. No referral required for appointments. All individuals can schedule appointments with Central Appointment Desk or at TRICARE Online. To ensure maximum benefit from your appointment, please bring the following items to all exams: identification card; current glasses and sunglasses; most recent contact lens prescription; and contact lens boxes or packages.

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Telephone: 660-687-2188

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